Best Skybox Companies In Trinidad

Skybox Companies in Trinidad

Looking for a skybox company in Trinidad and Tobago? If you want to know the options or want to change your present provider this skybox review will be able to help. People will make a choice based on price, customer service, returns policy, annual fees and much more. The following is the list of Skybox Companies In Trinidad:

Skybox Companies Trinidad Listing

csf couriers

CSF Couriers – Chaguanas
* Annual fee of $150 (first year), $120 to renew.
* Service fee of 15% on freight charges.
* Charges based on actual weight.


Websource – Trincity

* FREE account signup via website.
* No annual fees.
* Charges based on actual weight.
* Minimum shipping fee of $26 on all items under 0.5 lb.



ezone-skyboxeZone – Laventille
* Annual fee $189.
* Minimum shipping fee of $80 on all items under four pounds.
* Charges based on volumetric weight.
* N.B they do not ship magazines.




Aeropost – Port of Spain
* Special discounts for RBL Credit Card Holders
* Annual fee of $200
* Charges based on actual weight.



Skybox Company in Trinidad Review

If you do not live in the United States and want to shop online or buy products from a United States website then you will need a skybox. Many people in Trinidad and Tobago shop online and get the products delivered to them by the many courier services.

Before skyboxes became popular people would buy a product online and ship it to a friend or family in the United States. When a friend or relative is coming for a vacation the package would be sent thus saving on skybox charges. The set back for this method was the time delay. Sometime it will take months before you item reaches you.

Another situation was the businessman would buy online at the different franchise stores like Macy’s, Sears, Footlocker and send it to a family member. It would require you buying a ticket and going to collect your products for your business.  Skybox companies in Trinidad can now do all the middle man work at affordable prices.

What is the best skybox company in Trinidad and Tobago? It will depend on what to needs are. Some are better at bulk items others are single items, therefore you can try one and feel free to change if they do not deliver on time. Never use these skybox companies for ocean shipping it may cost you an arm and a leg. If you need to ocean ship get a barrel and send it you will save alot more money. I paid less to ship a barrel than items shipped via ocean with one of the leading Cargo Shipping Frontrunners.

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Cheap Homes for sale Trinidad – New Listings!

Cheap Homes for sale in Trinidad

Finding a cheap home home in Trinidad and Tobago can be as easy as finding a needle in a hay stack. With the economy and the need to find a safe community for your family, it is difficult to get that combination at an cheap price. We are dedicated to find a house or as we prefer to say a home for anyone within an affordable budget. Visit our website at Platinum Realtors to find what we have available and feel free to join our email list to get Cheap Homes for sale Trinidad.

cheap home for sale in trinidad and tobagoArea: St. Augustine

Type: Residential

Price: TTD $ 3,650,000.00

Features: Santa Margarita -Located in the quiet, leafy residential community of Santa Margarita, this beautiful two storey home features a uniquely designed open plan living, dining and kitchen area which is ideal for entertaining. The kitchen has newly built teak cabinetry and a large walk-in pantry. There is a garage/ laundry room which can also be used as storage space. On the upper level, there are 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. The large master bedroom features beautiful custom built mahogany cupboards with an ensuite bathroom and private balcony. There is also a large private verandah off of one of the bedrooms. Situated within close proximity to the Hugh Wooding Law School, the University of the West Indies campus and all local amenities.

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Trinidad Homes For Sale


Insurance Agents Trinidad

Insurance Agent Trinidad and Tobago

Looking for an insurance agent in Trinidad and Tobago? Want to get the best insurance quote? Get points for your car insurance policy? If any of the answers to these questions is yes, then we can help. Call Brilay Simmons -(868)710-5530

Any type of insurance agent Trinidad has to offer can be beneficial to someone who does not know how to go about looking for the perfect insurance policy. Even though it is possible to find quotes online and compare rates, one will have to know what he or she should compare and what criteria he or she requires in a policy before making a choice. Using an agent can help residents make an informed decision. Furthermore, agents are closely tied to the insurance companies so they can inform their clients as to which ones are most likely to meet their needs.

For instance, every vehicle owner in Port of Spain, San Fernando, Scarborough is required to have a minimum amount of coverage. However, agents will recommend that their clients get additional coverage that extends beyond necessary and reasonable medical expenses. They may recommend their clients get some form of collision or comprehensive policy as well as an underinsured and uninsured bodily motorist injury policy that is not required by law. This way, one is covered from acts of nature, theft and other unexpected events not related to a multiple car accident.

An insurance agent should also inform clients about their choices in health insurance. Since Trinidadians are relatively healthy country, it should not be very difficult to find a suitable policy. People who are nonsmokers and lead safe and healthy lifestyles will also find that they may pay lower rates for their policies. If someone engages in dangerous activities such as skydiving, he or she is sure to pay higher premiums. In addition, an agent can discuss special policies such as catastrophic health insurance with interested clients.

An agent can also inform his or her clients of their options in homeowners insurance. He or she can tell the client whether or not their area qualifies as a low crime rate area and how this will affect rates. He or she can also tell how a home security system can lower the costs of a policy. Clients should consider the costs of replacing or rebuilding a home after a natural disaster since this will also affect rates. The agent should explain why insuring the home for the full value is the best option in any case.

When looking for an insurance agent in Trinidad and Tobago – Brilay Simmons will be a good option. He will consider his or her needs in life insurance. He or she could discuss the difference in term and whole life insurance in order to determine which option is the best for his or her needs. The agent should also be able to help the client understand any other benefits that come along with life insurance in order to help him or her decide what type of policy is best

Trinidad and Tobago

Located in the irresistible Caribbean region, the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago is an archipelagic nation made up of twenty three islands. It shares nautical borders with Barbados in the northeast and Guyana in the southeast.


Trinidad and Tobago has earned itself the enviable reputation of a solid investment ground for global trade and commerce. In the last four years it has been performing positively especially in the natural gas producing sector. 2002 looked like a good year with strong developments taking place; but they were overshadowed by political uncertainties. The government took stock of the situation and decided to divert their focus onto the tourism industry. The result was low inflation and trade surplus, which greatly benefited this archipelagic nation. From the banking point of view, there are four major financial institutions in the country, two of which are Republic Bank Limited and First Citizens Bank.


trinidad and tobagoA statistic survey done in 2005, showed that the population of Trinidad and Tobago was about 1.3 million, of which ninety six resided in the larger islands and the smaller islands are inhabited by a mere 4 %. The ethnic structure that is evident in this archipelagic nation is a reflection of the immigration and conquest of the past. Indo-Trinidadians and Afro-Trinidadians are the two major tribal groups that make up an estimated eight percent of the inhabitants of the country. The remainder of the population is made up of mixed races including European, Syrian-Lebanese and Chinese.


The people of Trinidad ad Tobago do not follow any one religion. Just like several other countries world-wide, there is a mixture of diverse faith groups. 26% of the population is Roman Catholics, which is the largest sect. The second largest is the Hindus, which make up 22% of the population and the Anglicans, which make up 8 %.

Only six percent of the population practices Islam and 4 % are Seventh Day Adventists. The rest of the population are either Presbyterians or Methodists. There is also an African syncretic creed cluster, which is named Shouter or Spiritual Baptists and Orisha or Shangos.


One of the most well celebrated festivals in Trinidad and Tobago is the pre-Lenten carnival. Besides, this archipelagic nation is the birth place of calypso harmony and steel pan, both of which were invented sometime during the twentieth century. Trinidad and Tobago have numerous different customs, which are remembered all year long. Other sights in this archipelagic nation include the indigenous art forms of Pichakaree, Limbo, Chutney, Parang and Soca. All these are in some way or the other focused on rhythm, which has resulted in the country becoming so famous as a big contributor to the music scene. Walcott and Naipaul, two Nobel Prize winners are from this nation.